Eugene Seaman is Creepy!

To my great embarrassment, Eugene "Limp Dick Gene" Seaman is my idiot State Representative. I'm so tired of his bullshit that I'm going to try and keep track of some of Eugene's nonsense here on this blog.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Wheels are Coming off Seaman's Campaign

Earlier this week, the San Antonio Express News reported:

Several (blogs) have taken on state Rep. Gene Seaman, a Corpus Christi Republican who's in a dogfight in Texas House District 32 with Democrat Juan Garcia.

They've jumped on the stories of Seaman paying rent to his wife for a luxury Austin condominium and his downplaying of Garcia's military experience.

And then there's the Viagra speech.

Three years ago, Seaman imitated a penis during a speech on the House floor during debate on an insurance bill. At the time, it garnered little media attention. But video excerpts of the speech have since surfaced on Pink Dome and other sites, as well as YouTube, the increasingly popular online video service.

Mac McCall, Seaman's campaign consultant, defended the speech, saying the lawmaker was using humor "to highlight the foolishness" of a bill that provided for the insurance coverage of non-essential care for men but not women.

Meanwhile, McCall shrugs off the blogs' treatment of Seaman, saying most voters don't read them.

A few weeks earlier, The Texas Observer reported:

When Garcia appeared on the South Texas political scene in 2004, no one had heard of him. But it didn’t take long for Corpus Christi’s Democratic political groupies to begin whispering about the man who seems to carry all the credentials for an epic political career. They thought he would appeal to just about everyone–not just the Democrats who dominate Corpus Christi politics, but also to the Republicans in the coastal towns outside Corpus. With Election Day only weeks away, Democrats are still energized, and, anecdotally at least, many Republicans are considering abandoning ... 10-year state Rep. Gene Seaman (R-Corpus Christi) in District 32. In a state where every statewide elected position belongs to the GOP, Garcia seems to embody everything the Democrats need to take some of that power back. He’s a veteran Navy pilot. He has worked at the White House. He surfs. He created programs for at-risk children. ... And he has two diplomas from Harvard, a law degree and a master’s from the John F. Kennedy School of Government. ... The man with the dream résumé has stirred up an unusual amount of excitement for a lowly South Texas state representative race. It’s not as much about the boilerplate promises to work toward improving education and broadening health benefits that rally Garcia’s followers. Rather, it’s the desire to get on board the political express elevator at the ground floor. His supporters–who include former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros, former presidential candidate Gen. Wesley Clark, and U.S. Sen. Barack Obama–see a budding political star. And they’re counting on Garcia’s universal appeal to move him quickly through the ranks of politics and government. The leadership of the Democratic Party of Texas also must have seen something; he was tapped to introduce Chris Bell, the party’s choice in the race for governor, at the state convention this past June....

On the stump, Garcia has been calling for more lawmaker accountability, a promise that might lead to some conflict in Austin. The Texas Legislature is one of the holdouts in this Electronic Age to rely mostly on voice votes, and not record votes. Year after year, lawmakers decide to hide in the anonymity of voice votes.... One legislator is all it takes to require a record vote, and Garcia says he’ll be that legislator–every time, for every vote, for every amendment. “Any member–even a freshman member of the out-of-power party–can call for the full recording and documentation of votes. On my watch, every vote in the Texas Legislature, every measure will be documented and put online in real time,” Garcia says....

Garcia even declines to talk about a recent, potentially damaging revelation about Seaman. Earlier this month, news broke in Seaman’s district that could threaten his re-election. The Corpus Christi Caller Times reported Seaman paid his wife rent from his campaign funds for an Austin condominium that she owns. The couple also took tax exemptions from properties in Austin and Corpus Christi, the newspaper reported. Seaman spokesman Mac McCall told the paper that Seaman’s wife was figuring out the “mistake.”... As Election Day approaches, Corpus Christi voters can expect some aggressiveness soon from the Garcia camp, especially considering the reputation for negative campaigning of Garcia’s main consultant, San Antonio-based Christian Archer, who ran successful races for Houston Mayor Bill White and San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger. Archer may soon target Seaman’s record in Austin, if a recent conversation with him is any indication. The ads could be ugly, considering he describes Seaman in terms that include “whore of the insurance companies” and “punk” and “rubber stamp for [House Speaker] Tom Craddick.”... Yet without doubt Seaman’s most infamous moment in the House came in March 2005, during a floor speech that more than one blogger has called “creepy.” (See and “Gene Seaman’s Erection” on The Internet has allowed Garcia backers to look back and laugh at Seaman’s infamous speech in which he talked about giving older people a discount on Viagra. In his embarrassing presentation, Seaman threw his shoulders back and stood “erect,” as he put it, before the House and promised to go “limp” if he didn’t get the votes. The Garcia campaign might take the high road on the Viagra issue, but the footage has taken on a life of its own on the Internet and ... If District 32 voters can manage to shake any memory of the Viagra speech, they might also hear the Garcia camp talk about Seaman’s less-than-astonishing tenure in the House, including his inability to earn a committee chairmanship. As Truan puts it, “I would have thought that Gene would have been a more prominent member of the House, or at least would have achieved more significant legislation.”

The Caller-Times did good political reporting on Eugene Seaman as far back as April 5, 1996, when it ran an article titled "Seaman not our man, some GOP leaders say." Here are some quotes from the article:

Local Republican R.C. Allen: "Anyone who has ever worked with Gene Seaman in politics has nothing honorable to say about him. Nobody really knows him, trusts or likes him. He is not an upfront guy. I always feel slimy after being around him. He lacks the kind of character you expect in a state elected official."

Local Republican Ben Eshleman: "Gene (Seaman) strikes deep discord and uneasiness among many Republicans. His effectiveness is in doubt by Republican voters."

Local Republican Karen Bonner: Seaman "asked me what I thought about being a legislative assistant for any salary I chose. It was clear in my mind that he was offering me a job in exchange for not running in the GOP primary. I am not friend of Gene Seaman, and I was offended by what he was doing."

Local Republican Lance Bruun: "It is incomprehensible that a candidate would do something like that. Karen (Bonner) would have been a formidable opponent against Gene (Seaman), and he knew it. This just shows you what he's made of. He was trying to buy influence and integrity. But those are not for sale."

Local Republican Dick Bowers: "I have never forgotten what he said about Karen (Bonner) -- that she had no money, that she had breast cancer and that she was an airhead. My reply to Seaman was that it was time for someone else to run, and I left."

Finally, when is the local newspaper going to get to the bottom of Eugene Seaman being banned from the massage section of Corpus Christi Athletic Club? With Mark Foley in the national news, we need to know what's behind Seaman's ban from this particular area of the local club where our children play.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Seaman's Viagra Amendment

Texas Representative Gene Seaman (District 32, Corpus Christi) Amendment 2 to SB 541

Monday, August 28, 2006

Eugene Seaman's Failed "Swiftboating" of Juan Garcia

Eugene Seaman’s hometown newspaper, The Corpus Christi Caller-Times, reported:
During an interview about the race for District 32 State Representative, Republican incumbent Gene Seaman tried to shoot down Democratic opponent Lt. Cdr. Juan Garcia's Naval flight record. 'He's not a fighter pilot,' Seaman asserted."

Of course, Seaman was wrong again! The Caller-Times confirmed that Lt. Cdr. Garcia flew "30 armed missions in the Persian Gulf and served as a top aide to the deputy Commander in Chief of U.S. Naval Forces in Europe. He also served in Operation Allied Force in Kosovo and on the aircraft carrier USS Constellation in support of the enforcement of the no-fly zone in Iraq."

The influential Quorum Report's Harvey Kronberg summed up this issue succinctly:

Then there is Republican state Rep. Gene Seaman accusing challenger Juan Garcia of inflating his military record. Only problem, Garcia couldn't respond to the charge because he was on active duty.

Perhaps Eugene "Limp Dick Gene" Seaman's false mudslinging about Lt. Crd. Garcia's military service shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

One of Seaman's top campaign contributors, as confirmed by the $10,000 payment on Seaman's latest campaign finance report, is Houston's shoddy-home tycoon "Bob Perry, who is known lately for financing a variety of conservative causes including pro-tort reform measures and an anti-gay marriage initiative.... Perry also was responsible for financing the 2004 "Swift Boat" ads that played a part in torpedoing Democrat John Kerry's shot at the White House."

Should we compare Lt. Cdr. Juan Garcia’s military service to Eugene "Limp Dick Gene" Seaman's?

• Lt. Cdr. Garcia spent 13 years on active duty as a naval aviator, after receiving his "Wings of Gold" here at NAS Corpus Christi.
• In each of five fleet tours, he was ranked as the #1 officer in his unit.
• He has deployed to the Western Pacific, to the Persian Gulf twice, and served during the Kosovo conflict.
• He has logged 2,500 flight hours in military aircraft.
• His military awards include the Joint Commendation Medal, two Navy Commendation Medals, and two Navy Achievement Medals.
• During the last three months, while balancing his full-time profession as an attorney and campaigning across the four-county district, Lt. Cdr. Garcia has flown over 60 pilot-training sorties.

After Eugene "Limp Dick Gene" Seaman dropped out of high school, he ducked into the National Guard where he spent the whole time in training and never once left the United States, and after he enlisted, Seaman’s service never involved any risky or dangerous (or important) assignments.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Is Seaman Reconsidering His Vote on Equal Marriage Rights or Is He Still Lobbying for Viagra (or Both)?

Eugene "Limp Dick Gene" Seaman fought against equal marital rights because he says it's a threat to his marriage, yet Seaman doesn't see his shameful Viagra special interest legislation as a threat to marriage.

I see only one threat the Seaman's marriage in the picture, and it ain't equal marriage rights (but Viagra may be involved).

Friday, August 25, 2006

$eaman's $pecial Interest Money

Eugene Seaman’s hometown newspaper, the Corpus Christi Caller-Times reports that Seaman is sucking up all the special interest money he can get his hands on but he’s still way behind in raising funds for his doomed reelection bid.

“Seaman had 58 donations ..................“Garcia has more than 300
from political action .............................donations from some Republicans
committees and businesses.”.................previously in support of Seaman.”

Here are the highlights from the the Corpus Christi Caller-Times report:

“More than 100 people, mostly Republicans, showed up for a recent Garcia fundraiser at homebuilder and developer Duane Scheumack's house in Rockport.

Scheumack voted for Seaman in his past two successful campaigns.… “I just don't know what Gene has done," Scheumack said. "The thing I was impressed with the most with Garcia is his community, home and fireside values. And I sense a great deal of sincerity with this young man." … To hold onto his seat, Seaman must … neutralize dissent among some of his constituents in San Patricio and Aransas counties….

While Seaman denies that he has lost any support, some constituents and political analysts say that after 10 years in Austin he should have more clout than he does. … Texas Monthly senior executive editor Paul Burka said … "He's harmless. Gene's clearly not going to be one of the heavy lifters in the House…."

One issue that damaged Seaman in Aransas and San Patricio counties during his last term, is the perception that he nearly allowed the counties to be annexed into the Del Mar College taxing district without their consent.

Residents in both counties complain that Seaman was weak and would not take a stand against the Del Mar measure sponsored by former state Rep. Vilma Luna, D-Corpus Christi, a powerful Democrat aligned with the top Republican leadership. … "I am sure some people feel like he could have been stronger on that issue," said Republican San Patricio County Commissioner Fred Nardini….

Aransas County resident and Republican Lynn Lee, who voted for Seaman in the past, supports Garcia.

"Del Mar was a great bit of it, yes," Lee said. "I felt he should have taken our side because he had always gotten huge support in Aransas County. In that situation I did not think we should be voted into something where we did not have a say. I now have a feeling that Gene is not aware of what I want."

Aransas County Republican Party chairwoman Verna Yeamans said … she doesn't understand what has turned some Republicans off about him.

"Some have never liked Gene," she said. "I don't know if the Del Mar situation has anything to do with why they want Gene out, but some of the key Republicans are so mad at Gene because they say he lied to them. He said he was not going to run anymore and he ran. If that is all they have to complain about, it's shallow."

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Eugene Seaman is a Limp Dick

Eugene Seaman (my idiot state representative) embarrassed Texans everywhere by imitating a penis on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives while introducing legislation to make Viagra erection-boosting pills more readily available for limp dicks like Seaman.

You have to see this moron in action. Fortunately, I have a link to the videotape:
click here.